Site Council

The Carver School Site Council is organized for the purpose of sharing the responsibility of making decisions which improve the education of Carver students. It is a collaborative visionary group whose work is to support the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan.
Membership of the Carver Site council will consist of the building principal, district representative, instructional staff, support staff, parents, community member, and students when appropriate.

Responsibilities of Carver School Site Council Team Members:

1.  To attend after school meetings at Carver (3:45-5:15) five times a year.

2.  To be part of the decision making body on issues which have an impact on the total school program and site based management.

3.  To gather opinions and ideas from members or others whom you are representing.

4.  To communicate to constituents the actions of the team meeting.

5.  To attend training sessions on school improvement during the school year.